Adobe and Flex SDK

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As per the way questions have been answered here in

its very clear what Adobe plans are and I think it’s time for shift from Flash to HTML 5.

As Adobe is pretty confident that all use cases which are achievable today in Flash Platform will be possible in HTML 5 in next 3 to 5 years. Then I don’t think anyone would opt for Flex as an Enterprise application SDK. The decision makers will definitely opt for HTML5.

So good bye to Flash platform. Well I will be supporting my existing applications!

Html, Javascript, CSS  I am back.

Flex Passing Parameters into a custom item renderer

<s:List id=”controlsList” dataProvider=”{this.somemodel}”> <s:itemRenderer> <fx:Component> <mycustomItemRender mycustomproperty = {this.outerDocument.parentClassProperty} myanotherproperty={someotherproperty} /> </fx:Component> </s:itemRenderer> </s:List>

Key Features and Benefits of AIR 3 Release Candidate

Stage 3D Accelerated Graphics Rendering (AIR desktop and TV) — A new architecture for high performance 2D/3D GPU hardware accelerated graphics rendering by Adobe provides low-level Stage3D APIs for advanced rendering in apps and gives framework developers enabling a new classes of interactive experiences.   Stage Video Hardware Acceleration (AIR for mobile) — You can…

pixus — The AIR pixel ruler application. A handy tool for web and interface designers.

Windows / Mac Native Bundle Screenshot Tool Needed 1) Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control. 2) Preview your design with skins and presets. 3) Multi-screen support. 4) Auto update. 5) Quick Guides . 6) Toggle guide color by pressing Spacebar.  


StageWebViewBridge is an extended version of It lets you: Communicate Actionscript with Javascript. Communicate Javascript with Actionscript. Load local files and resources in a easy way. Extend loadString method with AS3 – JS communication. For more details visit Functionalities    

Developing for Blackberry Playbook using Flash CS5

A very cool blog on developing for Blackberry using Flash CS5

Check it out at

  • We all need a little incentivizing and this one is a real kicker.
  • Before you start developing, you’ll need to create a Blackberry environment. Here are the 1-2-3’s to get you up and running quickly.
  • If you build your app using Adobe Flash pro, I suggest you choose an AIR 2.5 project for now.  Reason being, it will create an application descriptor file (Application-app.xml) for you that you can later modify
  • Blackberry descriptor file example:
  • If you want to add a Splash Screen to your app, you’ll need to include this XML file with the name “blackberry-tablet.xml”
  • If you prefer Flash (over Flash Builder), you’ll need these compiling tricks
  • Terminal command like example:
  • This support thread was an absolute lifesaver (THIS IS A MUST READ FOR COMMAND-LINE PUBLISHERS)

Once your done building, now it’s time to sign your file

  • Signing your apps using Command Line (alt)
  • Configuring App Signing + Signing from Command Line



Propery creationPolicy in Flash builder containers

Well I came to know about this property for containers very recently. So thought  of sharing with you.


<mx:ViewStack creationPolicy=”{ContainerCreationPolicy.ALL}”>

with creation policy set to this ContainerCreationPolicy.ALL all the child elements in viewstack gets loaded at the same time rather than the default behaviour.

The child creation policy for this MX Container. ActionScript values can be ContainerCreationPolicy.AUTO, ContainerCreationPolicy.ALL, or ContainerCreationPolicy.NONE. MXML values can be auto, all, or none.

By default the container creation policy is ContainerCreationPolicy.AUTO

A creationPolicy of ContainerCreationPolicy.AUTO means that the container delays creating some or all descendants until they are needed, a process which is known as deferred instantiation. This policy produces the best startup time because fewer UIComponents are created initially. However, this introduces navigation delays when a user navigates to other parts of the application for the first time. Navigator containers such as Accordion, TabNavigator, and ViewStack implement the ContainerCreationPolicy.AUTO policy by creating all their children immediately, but wait to create the deeper descendants of a child until it becomes the selected child of the navigator container.

A creationPolicy of ContainerCreationPolicy.ALL means that the navigator containers immediately create deeper descendants for each child, rather than waiting until that child is selected. For single-view containers such as a VBox container, there is no difference between the ContainerCreationPolicy.AUTO and ContainerCreationPolicy.ALL policies.

A creationPolicy of ContainerCreationPolicy.NONE means that the container creates none of its children. In that case, it is the responsibility of the MXML author to create the children by calling the createComponentsFromDescriptors() method.




Creating QR Codes in ActionScript

Creating a QR code in Flash Builder is a piece of cake. You just download the Zxing library, create a new Flex Library Project and drop the ActionScript source files into the ‘src’ folder. The first time I did this, I got a few broken imports. But after a few minutes going over the problems in the ‘Problems’ pane, and hitting control-space a few times, the broken imports were easily fixed.

A good tutorial has been posted at


How to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the things which has made the Samsung Galaxy Tab so popular is the open application environment, which supports just about any type of applications from the Android Market. If you root your Tab, you’ll be able to enjoy even more apps, which will make the device even more impressive. Also, you’ll gain even more control over you phone’s OS and you’ll be able to uninstall system apps, install root-only applications, perform complete Nandroid backups, apply themes, flash custom ROM devices and more.

Check this link below for different ways to root Samsung Galaxy Tab

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